Thai New Year

Thai New Year

The Thai New Year and Songkran Cultural Holiday is a celebration of the new year. This holiday is celebrated by people in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and other countries.

It typically takes place on April 13th to 15th each year.

The name “Songkran” comes from Sanskrit meaning “astrological passage.” In this blog post we will discuss more about the history and cultural traditions associated with this important holiday and you will enjoy your visit..

UPDATE: With most of the Thailand provinces now restricting travel we have added our May suggestions.

1. The Thai New Year is a Buddhist holiday 

2. It falls on April 13th this year 

3. There are many traditions that go along with the event, like wearing new clothes and giving gifts to friends and family 

4. This is an important time of reflection for Buddhists 

5. People celebrate by visiting temples in order to make merit (doing good deeds)

Songkran and the Thai New Year is a Cultural Holiday, a celebration of the new year. Sometimes called “the biggest water fight in the World” this year the party is being toned down.

Thai New Year

This holiday, marks an important time for reflection as well celebrating family ties by visiting elders or relatives who might not be able-bodied enough make it out themselves due their age – this can also include those living overseas!

Thai New Year
Thai New Year and Songkran

It’s common practice during these visits between families members are often exchanged such gifts like clothes; food items including rice cakes called “Khanom Chang“; drinks made up mostly water mixed together fruit juices along side sugar cane juice known locally at ‘Sugarcane Juice’; dried fruits snacks know more

If you’re looking for more of a cultural experience then head into Phuket Town where they have live music and traditional performances, but you will still get wet.

Top tip – waterproof phone cases and bags will be your best friend during Songkran.

Check out the Songkran Weather Forecast and the Rain Radar is live here

Thai New year and travelling home

This is the time of the year when many Thai workers travel home to their families.

Thai New Year
Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

This year there are many Covid – 19 restrictions and issues with controls in over 41 provinces. Extra care and social distancing is very important at this time.

Travel restrictions 

In view of the current situation with HN Covid-19, and in order to avoid interfering or spreading this disease any further across Thailand.

• Travellers are advised not undertake unnecessary travel outside their area. Although they must comply as usual if required by work commitments; however it is strongly recommended that personal trips be postponed.