Phuket Weather Radar

Did you ever wonder how Phuket weather radar works?

Let’s learn about the Phuket weather radar, exactly how does it predict the rain forecast and what to look for and learn how to read a radar chart. Become an expert at weather predictions? Learn about the wind and tides effects on the rain forecast. In this post, we will discuss everything you need to know about .

What does Phuket Weather Radar do?

A Weather Radar is a system that allows meteorologists to track the position of storms. This information can be used to determine where rain will fall and how severe it might become. Phuket weather radar has been in use since the 1970s, but nowadays there are much more advanced models with better weather forecasting capabilities.

Phuket has one of the most advanced weather radar systems in Southeast Asia, which helps meteorologists predict when rain will fall on Phuket’s shores.

The system can accurately detect rain up to 200 miles offshore from Phuket and we have the live links for you to see.

Phuket Weather Radar
Clouds forming off the Andaman Coast, Thailand

In the content, below I will mention a thunderstorm and how it happens.

I’ll also tell you that if your forecast says “rain” then rain is to be expected.

The most basic form of Weather Radar (Rain Radar)  is the type that measures rain as it falls. This is also called “reflectivity” or “Z-R”.

Radar can track a storm’s motion and predict where its center will be in about half an hour, which gives communities enough time to for you to prepare for any localised floods or power outages anticipated by the weather patterns.

The Rain Radar can predict where a storm will be in about half an hour. This gives communities enough time to prepare for any floods or power outages anticipated by the weather patterns after this point.

This is the best time for a person to see what’s coming next, and prepare accordingly.

Phuket weather radar in 2021

Is the rain forecast you really should follow. This Phuket Weather Radar page will help you find out what to expect from our Phuket weather on a day-to-day basis by showing a future prediction, giving you an idea of when it might rain and how much rainfall can be expected for each day for up to the next 24 hours.

Phuket weather Radar
Weather haze off a Phuket Beach

The Phuket weather radar is a tool that can be used for predicting the rain forecast and also show how much rainfall to expect. It does this by showing a future prediction, giving you an idea of when it might rain here in Phuket and how much rain may fall each day up until 24 hours.

“Hey, I just saw a torrential flash in the sky. Is it gonna rain in Phuket again soon?”

What is a thunderstorm?

Sure! You just saw a thunderstorm. It happens when the atmosphere becomes unstable and electrons are released from storm clouds with all this energy, they get to work by bumping into molecules in the air—which releases yet more electrons, which also release even more as they run into other molecules…

The buildup of charge creates an electric field and then a big flash followed by a clap of thunder.

A thunderstorm starts when the air becomes unstable. Warmer and moist air rises, while cold dry air sinks closer to ground level. When these two regions collide, it causes turbulence in the atmosphere- this leads to flashes of lightning and a loud clap of sound known as thunder.

At certain times of the year the Phuket Weather is prone to many thunderstorms, sometime you will see a storm in the distance and it may not actually come to your area, and sometimes the weather will arrive and you will experience rain like you have never seen.

Thunderstorms can’t always be predicted by simply looking at the clouds, so weather radar is used to scan for thunderstorms. Weather radars send out a beam of energy which reflects off any objects in its path- this includes rain droplets and hail stones. This information can then be interpreted into a picture on a computer screen that shows where these storms are located as well as their intensity.

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you exactly when a thunderstorm might happen because it depends on so many factors—like how unstable or calm the air is.

Phuket stable atmosphere.

When the atmosphere is stable, there’s less chance that all this energy will be released.

But one thing we can say for sure: if your forecast says “rain” it will rain.

Fortunately, Phuket gets around 300 days of sunshine each year and therefore rain is not a daily occurrence. What is a weather radar? It shows you where the rain will be. It can estimate how much rain there will be.

The radar will show you the direction and speed or wind force of rain showers.

Phuket weather radar shows precipitation and rain storms with the intention of informing you about Phuket’s current weather situation.

The most important part is that it also provides a forecast for future days so people can plan their days accordingly.

Radar information is updated every 15 minutes to help make your decision on whether or not to go outside easier.

Is it a Tropical Storm?

How you can stay safe during a tropical storm. Well firstly do not underestimate the power of a tropical storm, these storms are the most powerful and dangerous you can ever encounter. Fortunately Phuket Island does not have many and there’s is normally plenty of warnings.

Know your personal risk factors; make sure to have an evacuation plan in place if warnings were issued for your area.

Stay away from any water sources while a tropical storm is occurring, not only does it pose danger but also because of possible flooding and rain wash away.

Please take a good look around our website which is full of updated Phuket Weather, radar along with a wind chart that is live and monthly and tide information.

To know more about Phuket weather, catch the broadcast hourly forecasts and updates on the Phuket weather radar page.

A typical weather report.

here could be:

-The storm is heading south, but it’s not expected to hit Phuket directly. It should move across the Gulf of Thailand and make landfall in northeastern Vietnam on Wednesday with winds up to 120 kilometers per hour (75 miles).