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Visit Phuket in June 2023

Why Phuket in June 2023 is a great time to visit.

Thinking of visiting Phuket? If so, you’re not the only one. Many people start to think of planning their summer vacations around this time because of the beautiful Phuket weather and beaches that Phuket has to offer.

Visit Phuket in June 2021
Karon View Point

This is a great month for those who want to enjoy some sea, sun and relaxation!

Phuket in June 2023

June is typically the start of the rainy season in Thailand, which some people like because it means more rain, a lower average temperature thus average humidity going down and a high likelihood that green leaves will grow and lush colours start to appear.

As the island moves through 2021 and into its low season, visitors and tourists will be able to return after the 1st of July. Covid 19 has, of course, changed a lot of things including how people travel and it has to be said the Thai Government has done an excellent job protecting its citizens and residents many from overseas.

June is also the month of Phuket’s full moon festival.

This event is a time to enjoy Thai culture and tradition with boat races, puppet shows, food stalls, and lots more!

There are plenty of activities for people who want to experience that “Thai” feeling in June 2023.

This will be an informative article that will answer questions about Phuket weather, the season, rain temperatures, and other points that might arise when considering traveling or a holiday to Phuket in the summer of 2023 or even later in the year.

What’s in Store for Phuket in June

If your gig is tropical gardens and plants this is the month for you as everything comes alive in Phuket as the plants and trees turn from arid brown to lush green.

You have surely seen the news about Covid 19, but what you may not know is that Phuket and Covid 19 has had a considerable impact on the hotel and tourist industry.

Visit Phuket in June 2021
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It was reported by some news outlets that more than 10.5 million people will not be visiting Phuket this year because of the tragedy and its lingering effects.

We will be hoping for tourism to pick up soon, but to help with that, we need people like you who are willing to spend some time in Phuket now and show our support.

As June is typically the start of the rainy season in Thailand, some may not know about it or find this a good time as they can enjoy more space during what is called the low season, May to October.

However, there are still many reasons to visit and if you come the weather in June should not disappoint and it’s even better because there is no one here and the Phuket Beaches are in pristine condition!

  • Phuket Beaches are in pristine condition!
  • The weather is perfect for diving, scuba and snorkelling
  • Great time to stay at a luxury hotel on the beach with no one else there.

The Thai people believe that as long as you keep doing what you love then life will be good so if you can get here in June then you should.

Is June a good time to visit Phuket?

The island is open if you plan to visit before July 1st.

The rainy season is now in full swing and it’s the perfect time to be in Phuket and no need to worry too much about the rain. It could be a little wet, but most people find that a bonus means lower temperatures (that’s a good one, lower temperatures mean around 26 to 28 C) without any of the humidity that some visitors can experience during a visit to Phuket.

Phuket Weather Forecast
Sunset at Nai Harn Beach

June is the time to admire and enjoy Thailand’s green, leafy trees as everything comes back to life.

Maybe you want to see the rainforest in Phuket, or just enjoy a few days on one of the beautiful Phuket beaches? Phuket offers lots of things and if you are lucky enough to visit between June and July there are not likely many people around. Normally most tourists will have left before then because it is so hot during this

Lots to do Throughout Phuket

There are many ways to enjoy Phuket, but one of the best is a trip on the Andaman coast. When you go there it can be an easy way to relax and have some fun in the sun. It’s also quite affordable for tourists who want a relaxing beach vacation without spending too much money!

With fewer people here it is a chance for tourists to explore Thailand’s beautiful landscape once again. If you’re worried about safety or keeping your kids entertained while they’re in Phuket then don’t fret; there are plenty of activities waiting for all ages!

Why not visit James Bond Island

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Phuket is James Bond Island, which was featured in two different movies. This national park has both land and water-based activities for all ages to enjoy! Here you can see gorgeous views from up high or explore caves that could only be accessed by swimming through them. You can also take a boat tour to other islands.

James Bond Island
James Bond Island

With such a beautiful landscape and laid-back lifestyle, there’s no wonder why so many people make their way to Phuket each year and we hope this is going to solve itself soon.

What about the Phuket Weather in June?

The weather in June is warm and humid, but it’s a good time to hike or trek – You should be prepared for rain at any point of the day even though there may not be as much rainfall as in other months.

The rainy season starts in June and peaks during September. This means it’s likely you’ll experience more rain, and a lower average daily temperature (since the humidity will be a bit higher).

It is most likely that Phuket weather in June will have thunderstorms with the possibility of heavy rain, but this can change. The average rainfall for this month is 200-220 mm with most of this towards the end of June as the Monsoon Season gets going.

Visit Phuket in June 2021
Islands in Phang Nga Province

Another thing to consider is that in Phuket there are no typhoons or hurricanes so the likelihood of Phuket weather being disrupted by these natural disasters is very low.

In general, it will be a comfortable time for travel as average humidity goes down with lower temperatures which means you won’t be sweating your butt off.

This does not mean the weather will be perfect because it is still a rainy season and there may be some days with heavy rain, but nothing like what you would experience in higher elevations such as Chiang Mai or Bangkok during this time of year.

Is it sunny in June?

As with all year, as Phuket has an average of 300 sunny days a year the daily temperatures in Phuket range from a high of about 30°C to a low of 25°C.

Daily sunshine as an average in Phuket in June averages about nine hours per day, remember Phuket is in the Northern hemisphere so the longest day is the 21st of June.

April and May would be the hottest. December and January are the most comfortable and of course the busiest.

Sea Temperature and Swimming on Phuket Island

If you plan to swim please take extra care, especially on the West Coast beaches at this time of the year. There will be lifeguards on most of the beaches and tourists/visitors need to follow all the flag directions and if RED STAY OUT OF THE WATER, and only swim in the designated areas.

Phuket Lifeguards Ya Nui beach
The Red flag on the beach

The Northeast monsoon in June is at its strongest point and has the greatest effect on Phuket. The rain may not be as heavy as other months but it can still be torrential when it falls, so don’t forget your umbrella!

This means the sea temperature will also vary with a range of about 25°C. This is often at its warmest in July and August when it can be around 29-30°C; in December and January, it will be similar.

Phuket Tide Tables for June

Phuket Tide Times June 2023
Phuket Tide Times June 2023

There can also be strong winds with the Northeast monsoon and you can see our Weather Radar, and wind and tides information. We also have a developing picture gallery here of images all taken during 2023.